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from typing import Dict
import numpy as np
import torch

from flambe.metric import Metric

[docs]class Perplexity(Metric): """Token level perplexity, computed a exp(cross_entropy).""" def __init__(self): """Perplexity, computed as CrossEntropy""" self.entropy = torch.nn.CrossEntropyLoss(reduction='none')
[docs] def compute(self, pred: torch.Tensor, target: torch.Tensor) -> torch.Tensor: """Compute the preplexity given the input and target. Parameters ---------- pred: torch.Tensor input logits of shape (B x N) target: torch.LontTensor target tensor of shape (B) Returns ------- torch.float Output perplexity """ entropy = self.entropy(pred, target).mean() return torch.exp(entropy)
[docs] def aggregate(self, state: dict, *args, **kwargs) -> Dict: """Aggregates by only storing entropy per sample Parameters ---------- state: dict the metric state args: the pred, target tuple Returns ------- dict the state dict """ pred, target = args if not state: state['accumulated_score'] = 0. state['sample_count'] = 0 logits = self.entropy(pred, target).cpu().detach() state['accumulated_score'] += logits.sum() state['sample_count'] += logits.size(0) return state
[docs] def finalize(self, state: Dict) -> float: """Finalizes the metric computation Parameters ---------- state: dict the metric state Returns ------- float The final score. """ if not state or state['sample_count'] == 0: # call on empty state return np.NaN return torch.exp(state['accumulated_score'] / state['sample_count']).item()