Source code for flambe.runnable.environment

from typing import List, Any, Optional
from flambe.compile import Registrable

[docs]class RemoteEnvironment(Registrable): """This objects contains information about the cluster This object will be available on the remote execution of the ClusterRunnable (as an attribute). IMPORTANT: this object needs to be serializable, hence it Needs to be created using 'compile' method. Attributes ---------- key: str The key that communicates the cluster orchestrator_ip: str The orchestrator visible IP for the factories (usually the private IP) factories_ips: List[str] The list of factories IPs visible for other factories and orchestrator (usually private IPs) user: str The username of all machines. This implementations assumes same username for all machines local_user: str The username of the local process that launched the cluster public_orchestrator_ip: Optional[str] The public orchestrator IP, if available. public_factories_ips: Optional[List[str]] The public factories IPs, if available. """ def __init__(self, key: str, orchestrator_ip: str, factories_ips: List[str], user: str, local_user: str, public_orchestrator_ip: Optional[str] = None, public_factories_ips: Optional[List[str]] = None, **kwargs) -> None: self.key = key self.orchestrator_ip = orchestrator_ip self.factories_ips = factories_ips self.user = user self.local_user = local_user self.public_orchestrator_ip = public_orchestrator_ip self.public_factories_ips = public_factories_ips @classmethod
[docs] def to_yaml(cls, representer: Any, node: Any, tag: str) -> Any: """Use representer to create yaml representation of node""" kwargs = {'key': node.key, 'orchestrator_ip': node.orchestrator_ip, 'factories_ips': node.factories_ips, 'public_orchestrator_ip': node.public_orchestrator_ip, 'public_factories_ips': node.public_factories_ips, 'user': node.user, 'local_user': node.local_user} return representer.represent_mapping(tag, kwargs)
[docs] def from_yaml(cls, constructor: Any, node: Any, factory_name: str) -> Any: """Use constructor to create an instance of cls""" # NOTE: construct_yaml_map is a generator that yields the # constructed data and then updates it kwargs, = list(constructor.construct_yaml_map(node)) return cls(**kwargs)