Source code for flambe.runnable.error

[docs]class ProtocolError(Exception): def __init__(self, message: str) -> None: """Base ProtocolError implementation. Parameters ---------- message : str The message to display """ self.message = message
[docs] def __repr__(self) -> str: """Override output message to show ProtocolError Returns ------- str The output message """ return f"ProtocolError: {self.message}"
[docs]class LinkError(ProtocolError): def __init__(self, block_id: str, target_block_id: str) -> None: """Link error on undeclared block. Parameters ---------- block_id : str The block including the link target_block_id : str The link's target block """ default_message = ( f"Block '{block_id}' has a link to '{target_block_id}' " "which has not yet been declared." ) super().__init__(default_message)
[docs]class SearchComponentError(ProtocolError): def __init__(self, block_id: str) -> None: """Search error on non-computable. Parameters ---------- block_id : str The block with the wrong type """ default_message = ( f"Block '{block_id}' is a non-component; " "only Component objects can be in the pipeline" ) super().__init__(default_message)
[docs]class UnsuccessfulRunnableError(RuntimeError): pass
[docs]class RunnableFileError(Exception): pass
[docs]class ResourceError(RunnableFileError): pass
[docs]class NonExistentResourceError(RunnableFileError): pass
[docs]class ExistentResourceError(RunnableFileError): pass
[docs]class ParsingRunnableError(RunnableFileError): pass
[docs]class TagError(RunnableFileError): pass
[docs]class MissingSecretsError(Exception): pass