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class flambe.export.builder.Builder(component: Schema, destination: str, storage: str = 'local', compress: bool = False, pickle_only: bool = False, pickle_module=dill, pickle_protocol=DEFAULT_PROTOCOL)[source]

Bases: flambe.runnable.Runnable

Implement a Builder.

A builder is a simple object that can be used to create any Component post-experiment, and export it to a local or remote location.

Currently supports local, and S3 locations.


The secrets that the user provides. For example, ‘config[“AWS”][“ACCESS_KEY”]’

run(self, force: bool = False, **kwargs)[source]

Run the Builder.

save_local(self, force)[source]

Save an object locally.

Parameters:force (bool) – Wheter to use a non-empty folder or not

Get a boto Session

save_s3(self, force)[source]

Save an object to s3 using awscli

Parameters:force (bool) – Wheter to use a non-empty bucket folder or not