Module Contents

flambe.runner.utils.WARN_LIMIT_MB = 100[source]
flambe.runner.utils.get_files(path: str) → Iterable[str][source]

Return the list of all files (recursively) a directory has.

Parameters:path (str) – The directory’s path
  • List[str] – The list of files (each file with its path from the given parameter)
  • Raise
  • —–
  • ValueError – In case the path does not exist
flambe.runner.utils.get_size_MB(path: str) → float[source]

Return the size of a file/folder in MB.

Parameters:path (str) – The path to the folder or file
Returns:The size in MB
Return type:float
flambe.runner.utils.check_system_reqs() → None[source]

Run system checks and prepare the system before a run.

This method should:
  • Create folders, files that are needed for flambe
  • Raise errors in case requirements are not met. This should

run under the SafeExecutionContext, so errors will be handled * Warn the user in case something needs attention.